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Ultra Isolation Transformers

“Ultra Isolation Transformer” is equipped with a number of innovative technologies specifically engineered to completely get rid of not just electrical but also common mode noises.

The advanced transformer has been developed with split winding construction in order to provide high attenuation. Boasting of multiple shielding mechanisms to reduce low capacitance, it exhibits amazing expertise in performing its duty with unmatched quality.

It has been constructed with the use of high insulating materials. The core as well as the magnetic properties has been designed to offer leakage inductance. The machine can be used to encounter current loops by creating superlatively derived source with utmost convenience. With a view to catering specific requirements with elegance, it has been developed in widest assortments of attenuation capabilities. The 100 and 120dB are one of the most versatile models which are admired globally for their trusted performance.

With the coupling capacitance being 1.1 between the primary and secondary in harmony with the dB levels, it is flawless on every single parameter.


  • Provide high attenuation
  • Can be used to encounter current loops
  • Multiple shielding mechanisms to reduce low capacitance
  • Designed to offer leakage inductance
  • Developed with split winding construction